PETON and USPTU Conduct an International Student Contest

The III International Student Contest named after Professor K. Bogatykh in the discipline Chemical Technology Processes and Apparatuses was hosted by the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU).  PETON, engaged in the event for the 3rd consecutive year, acted as the founder and title sponsor of the contest.

This year, the contest brought together 64 students – 20 teams from 15 institutes out of 14 cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Saratov, Samara, Perm, Kirov, Kazan, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Grozny, Angarsk, Ufa, Sterlitamak, Salavat. The contest also saw as participants the foreign students studying at USPTU, from Kazakhstan, Congo and Cuba.

The 1st place in the team standings was shared by participants from the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University and Perm National Research Polytechnic University. USPTU’s student Anvar Valiev scooped victory in individual standings.

The award ceremony occurred at the VDNH-EXPO facilities, the venue of the Russian oil, gas and chemistry forum. PETON prepared valuable prizes and memorable gifts for participants and winners.

 “The oil, gas and chemistry industry is rapidly growing, our company is likewise expanding at a fast pace, we get new lines for development, and we need highly-skilled professionals; the events like this contest provide the chances to reveal and engage the talented students – our potential employees,” commented Viktor Kovanov, PETON’s Research Director.

Students Presented Research Papers for Peton's Professor Marushkin Scholarship Contest

Twenty-four students of the Technology Faculty of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU) submitted applications for the competition, but only nine most talented and hardworking participants reached the final round.

The contest covered important and relevant topics included in the Russia’s Economic Modernization and Innovative Development Policy: LNG production, membrane processes for separating gas and liquid mixtures, hydrogen and helium production and other gas processing challenges, namely: import substitution, power consumption, natural gas efficiency, hydrogen, helium storage challenges.

The existing and emerging technologies were analysed. Students’ research papers gave a comparative analysis of the existing technologies, patent analysis of the used equipment and the equipment proposed for use in order to substantiate the methods of improvement the existing technologies. As compared to the previous year, the research papers had higher standards in terms of in-depth investigation of the issue, scope, content and quality of the research. Presentation of full up-to-date information on the status of the topic in question was for the first time used as one of the main criteria to assess the research papers, and the majority of the contestants handled that task well. The participants managed to present the material in a concise manner, describe the essence of the problem that facilitated a lively discussion and active dialogue between the students and committee members. There was little difference in the level of students’ preparation to present their research papers, top places were awarded in the course of a serious discussion. 

The committee was comprised of representatives of the University and PETON -  the working group on behalf of the Holding was headed by Viktor Kovanov, Director for Science at SRDI Oil & Gas “Peton”, LLC. The winners will be receiving a scholarship from SRDI Oil & Gas “Peton”, LLC for one academic year. All the participants can enroll on industrial work placements at the Holding with the possibility of future employment based on the results of the industrial placement.









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