Inauguration of Marushkin Hydromechanical Processes laboratory, with PETON acting as the sponsor and facilitator in the start-up work, took place on 22 May. 

During the year, PETON reconditioned the laboratory, revamped the existing benches, and additionally purchased and installed new up-to-date equipment.

“For the professionals who run the benches, it will be much easier to work at the real contemporary production, since the oil and gas chemical industry is being continuously upgraded, adopting novel technologies, and by running the equipment presented here the students will easily fit into the contemporary workflow,” - said Viktor Kovanov, Research Director at SRDI O&G “Peton” LLC.

The laboratory will be used in the learning process, and to take research. The equipment installed at the laboratory enables the users to study fluidisation, hydraulic friction, thermal processes and so on.

The laboratory was named in honour of renowned scientist Boris Marushkin, who was giving classes at the Petroleum University for 46 years, has authored more than 150 academic papers and 70 inventions. Natalia Troshina, the daughter of Professor Marushkin, attended the laboratory opening ceremony.

“PETON has been actively supporting our university, because the company comprehends that personnel training is the common cause,”  – comments Ramil Bakhtizin, USPTU Rector who also attended the laboratory inauguration ceremony.


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