Peton Engineering Holding is actively involved in supporting young talented specialists. Investing in human resources is a part of the company's strategy to increase competitiveness and implement social initiatives. Technological enterprises need people with a high level of technical competences, scientific and innovative thinking to address challenges in EPC-projects from creating new technologies and adapting existing foreign technologies to requirements of domestic companies to designing, manufacturing equipment and building oil and gas facilities. The duration of training a technical specialist to the level of an expert is 6-7 years.

Cooperation with universities

COOPERATION WITH Ufa State Petroleum Technical University

In order to integrate educational, scientific, intellectual and economic and technical potentials, considering mutual needs and interests, Peton cooperates with relevant universities in the following areas and:

  • provides organizational and financial support for pre-higher education training divisions (preparatory courses, preparatory division ("Workers' Faculty"), university classes, etc.);
  • under agreements signed with the university, accepts undergraduates in training, pre-graduation internship;
  • arranges a participation of company specialists in the university educational process (lectures, seminars, trainings, round tables, etc.); 
  • sends its specialists to universities to participate in the State Certification Commission;
  • on a contractual basis, sends its specialists to universities to undergo advanced training and occupational retraining;
  • sends its specialists to universities to do postgraduate study to prepare highly qualified personnel;
  • arranges internships for university teachers and employees at its production facilities;
  • participates in course program updates for university disciplines relevant for the company;
  • informs universities of the need for graduates in certain industrial disciplines;
  • establishes and organizes the procedure for paying PETON scholarships to students. 


Cooperation with the Ufa State Petroleum Technical University

Peton is one of the leading employers in Bashkortostan, the company makes a special emphasis on development of scientific potential of young promising employees. Ufa State Petroleum Technical University (USPTU) has become key for training specialists in the oil and gas industry, where since 2015 a large-scale program has been implemented as part of a strategy for the development of industrial jobs in Russia.

PETON actively cooperates with USPTU (Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, hereinafter - USPTU), with the support of its rector, Mr. Ramil Bakhtizin. 

Peton provides its key university with its own personnel, possessing unique theoretical and practical knowledge, to build up professional and scientific potential of students who will represent the engineering elite of the country of the future.

Scholarship n.a. prof. B.K. Marushkin

In 2017, Peton established a scholarship named after Professor B.K. Marushkin for talented students of the USPTU Faculty of Technology. In the first year about twenty students took part in the student research competition. The winners of the competition received additional scholarships during 2017/18 academic year.

International Olympiad n.a. prof. K.F. Bogatykh

For the first time the Olympiad named after K.F. Bogatykh was held in 2017, when students from 5 Russian universities arrived in Ufa. In 2018, the geography of participants expanded significantly - 38 students from 11 universities and 12 cities took part in the competition. The event received an international status - a team of students from Sumgait State University (Azerbaijan) participated in the competition. Now, not only Russian, but also foreign students will compete for the title of the best young specialists.

Students Case Tournament

In 2017, a case tournament was launched in USPTU where competitors were solving business problems. 250 students of the Petroleum University applied for participation in the tournament, 60 of which were selected as the best to take part. SRDI Oil & Gas “Peton”, LLC offers the winners of the case tournament to do an internship in the company with a chance to get a job.

Process Engineering School at USPTU  

In 2018 SRDI Oil & Gas “Peton”, LLC basic department in the USPTU called Modeling and Design of Chemical Processes and Equipment gave a course of lectures for the 4th year students of the Faculty of Technology. The staff of the Holding gave lectures on the following topical issues: Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency; Pinch Analysis in Resource and Energy Saving; Calculation and Selection of Air-Cooling Equipment and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers.   

Internship and Apprenticeship Program

Under the guidance of Peton experts USPTU students have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest developments in the oil and gas equipment and participate in design of technical and technological systems. Internship in a real-life working enterprise helps students to get the gist of the occupation they have chosen, gain new skills and abilities necessary for their future career.

Job Fair  

Every year Peton Holding participates in a job fair where students can talk with representatives of companies, leave their CVs, learn about enterprise social programs for young professionals. Participation in this event helps the company to attract the most active, talented and promising graduates to their team.

Mentoring System

Peton Construction LLC, a member of Peton Engineering Holding, launched a new form of adaptation and training of new employees. In close contact with leading experts with many years of professional experience in specialized engineering fields, young engineers have the opportunity to significantly improve their skills when performing specific professional tasks.

The main goal of the mentoring system is to assist new and young employees in their professional career and development.

Since the beginning of 2018, 826 people have been hired at Peton Construction LLC, of ​​which 666 people have been hired for industrial jobs. At least 80% of employees adapt and improve their skills by working within the mentoring system.

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