Peton congratulates on the Oil & Gas Industry Workers Day!

Greetings on the Oil & Gas Industry Workers Day. From the bottom of our heart, we wish you that the profession you chose is your favourite and delivers benefits to people!

Oil & Gas Industry Workers Day is the professional holiday for all people related to oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry is the basis for the national economical stability and development of this area means growth of local economic mainstays of fuel and energy complex, and improvement of living standards.  Working in this industry is honourable and prestigious, so everybody who has chosen this way someday contributes to the development of our country.

Peton has celebrated the holiday by awarding the best employees who were presented with certificates of appreciation in various nominated categories and memorable gifts. In our company we believe that the most valuable thing is its team, professionalism, knowledge and mutual support, teamwork skills.

Our clients and partners