An article ‘Isomerisation of Gasoline Cuts as a Way to Increase the Output of Gasoline High-Octane Number Components at Surgut Condensate Stabilization Plant’ by I. A. Mnushkin, E. G. Akhmetzyanov, S. K.  Churakova, A. E. Belousov, А. V. Stukov was published in 4/2018 issue of the magazine ‘Nefteperarabotka i Neftekhimia’ (Oil Processing & Petrochemistry), which has been issued since 1966 and is a collection of articles on science and engineering advances and best industrial practices. The article addresses the issue of producing high-octane gasoline at Surgut Condensate Stabilization Plant considering the forecast crude composition change until 2040. Currently, reformate is the basic high-octane component of commercial gasoline. Outsourced methyl tertiary butyl ether is used to ensure the conformity with Technical Regulations in commercial gasoline production system. In order to improve the commercial and environmental properties of gasolines with the expected change in crude quality at Surgut Condensate Stabilization Plant, specialists of SRDI O&G PETON LLC have suggested to implement a light naphtha isomerisation process, which decreases the amount of MTBE included in the commercial motor gasoline composition.

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