The first lot of the heavy equipment for the Amur Gas Processing Plant Project was shipped successfully to Client on 27 May 2018. Licensed ethane and natural gas liquid plants and nitrogen-helium mixture equipment were received from the contractors represented by manufacturers. All shipment operations were performed in strict compliance with the Amur Gas Processing Plant Project implementation schedule. 

The complex process operation related to equipment lifting (demethanizer, deethanizer and denitrogenation columns) onboard took 4.5 to 8 hours per unit, including the time from preparation and inspection of slings to placing the columns on the deck. Arrival of the ship to the Far-East port for transferring the equipment to river barges and custom clearance is scheduled for the near future.

The complexity of the task required coordination of efforts and resources of all of the process participants to maximise the process management efficiency. Our specialists performed large-scale analysis of all transportation risks, in particular, in terms of preparedness of the river aqua- and infrastructure for the transportation and acceptance of the cargo”, commented Anton Selischev, Project Director at SRDI O&G PETON.

The Amur Gas Processing Plant under construction in Svobodny area of Amur Region will be the largest plant in Russia and will be included in the pool of the world’s largest natural gas processing plants. The plant will be an important part of the process chain of future natural gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia Gas Pipeline. R&D Team of Peton Engineering Holding jointly with foreign partners has developed the advanced process solution in 2015 as part of construction of Amur GPP based on their own competencies and wide experience in implementation of complex oil and gas projects. Peton’s solution developed in accordance with import substitution strategy in oil and gas industry has enabled us to improve the cost efficiency of the project by solving to the maximum extent project tasks without peer in the world due to specific features related to the presence of helium and ethane on the field.

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