Implementation of socially important project proceeds in 2018 as part of previously signed memorandum between SRDI O&G PETON and the Administration of Seleznevo Rural Community, Vyborg District, where PETON is constructing LNG facilities within the Portovaya CS area.

The company notes that they have the intensive liaison with the District Administration in order to facilitate the economic and sociocultural development of the municipality, “to make living there more comfortable, so that the youth people stay both in here and at the construction site in the future”.

“Continuous improvement of both the working environment and living conditions is very important to us. We are willing to assist in the development of communities as a part of the programme “PETON as the Socially Responsible Business”. Currently the Company is implementing the entire package of Social, Health and Environmental measures in the plant construction region”, stated Vyacheslav Grishin, Project Director.

The partnership involves a number of projects related to landscaping and development of the sociocultural infrastructure of Seleznevo Rural Community, including reconstruction of local community centres and other socially important buildings. In addition, cultural, educational and volunteer actions for area residents, planting, Open House Days and more have been arranged.

“We signed the memorandum with PETON and developed the roadmap in 2017. PETON contributes a lot in the development of the municipality’s social well-being. To date, repairs have been completed at the local community centres; the monument to P. V. Kondratyev, the Hero of the Soviet Union, has been improved. We identified the priorities for 2018, the scheduled actions have been already implemented”, said Segrei Rybnikov, Head of Administration.

We remind that a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between PETON and the municipality Administration was executed in 2016, based on which a roadmap for development of social infrastructure in the communities located within the LNG facilities construction area has been elaborated.

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