In 2018 Engineering Holding PETON performes construction of LNG production, storage and shipping complex in the area of Portovaya compressor station in Leningrad Region

according to the project execution schedule, implemented under an order from Gazprom PJSC. The facility targeted at local gasification and presence in the Baltic states, will become one of the economically vital LNG projects in Russia.

“The project is being implemented within a specified timeframe, according to the schedule established by the Customer. Currently, construction site preparation is completed, over 90 % of all foundations are ready, more than 8,000 tons of steel structures have been installed. Mys 110/10 kV substation has been built, thus assuring readiness to power the Complex. In 2018 we will complete building of a marine export terminal,” Vyacheslav Grishin, Project Manager, describes the construction phases. “We are in the process of installing cryogenic LNG and boil-off gas pipelines, whose total length will amount to about 4.5 kilometres.

In the nearest future, we will conduct pressure and hydrotests of already constructed draw-off gas line that connects the Nord Stream gas line and LNG Complex and will be used to feed raw natural gas to LNG Complex”.

Gazprom PJSC implements a number of projects in EPC format, including those involving the best domestic practices. As an EPC contractor, Penton not only develops and implements technologies, but develops proprietary process equipment in rectification sphere. PETON is one of the few domestic companies, which suggested an approach from technology development up to implementation of concept engineering assuring cost efficiency of the entire complex and project execution management, where the main role is allotted to “smart” construction. The development strategy of PETON is based on know-hows that assure cost efficiency of competitive products for the nearest 15-20 years. Over the last 20 years, the company has generated a huge intellectual and practical background which makes the holding one of the most competitive players in the turnkey engineering services market. PETON’s approach reduces the cost of 1 ton of product by 20 % in the framework of an integrated approach to investing in intellectual engineering aimed at creating new business products in fuel and energy sector”, Eduard Gasanov, Chairman of the Board, describes the approach to engineering and construction of industrial facilities.

PETON is a General Contractor for engineering, construction and commissioning of the “Liquefied Natural Gas Production, Storage and Shipping Complex in the Vicinity of CS Portovaya”.

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