Technological Engineering Holding PETON has launched a lecture centre for students of the Russian flagship university, Ufa State Petroleum Technologic University (UGNTU) as part of the blue collar jobs development strategy in Russia. This initiative continues the large-scale programme according to which PETON has been implementing a collaboration project with UGNTU School of Masters (Process Engineering School), and a continuing education programme with Svartex Ufa School of Welders starting from 2017.

Part of the PETON strategy to enhance competitive advantages and to implement social initiatives consists in investing into development of staffing potential. That is why the holding not only continuously upgrades the skills of its employees but also provides the key university with access to its practical skills and experience in order to expand the professional and scientific potential of students who will represent the engineering elite of the country in future.

The lecture centre is organized at PENTON’s basic chair of UGNTU - “Modelling and Design of Processes and Vessels of Chemical Technologies”. Lectures for 4th year students of UGNTU Technology Faculty will be delivered by employees of SRDI O&G PETON LLC in three areas: “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency”, “Calculation and Selection of Air Coolers and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers” and “Pinch Analysis in Resource and Energy Saving”.

“The way to success is possible through knowledge”, a company spokesman says. “It is important to create possibilities to develop talented young people not only in the capital city but in the regions too. Bashkiriya is a historically significant “talent pool” for the oil and gas sector.

In staff management, PETON focuses on forming a fully realized system aimed at cultivating a new generation of engineers, in this particular case - in the oil and gas engineering area. The theoretical background of Ufa Petroleum University and the unique experience of our holding, joined into a single educational system, provide better, unmatched conditions for professional development of the youth”, Eduard Gasanov, Chairman of the Board of Technological Engineering Holding PENTON comments on the launch of the lecture centre.

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