Peton launches educational programmes for employees and students of specialized higher educational institutions in the framework of development of blue collar professions in Russia. Since 2018, the company has already launched several large scale continuing education programmes, including a collaboration project of Peton Construction (part of PETON Holding) with Svartex Ufa School of Welders, and School of Masters with Ufa Petroleum University.

Demand for qualified blue-collar staff exceeds supply in the labour market today, especially in the oil and gas sector. It is not only the marker that grows, but also requirements for specialists. A modern blue collar should have not only a good theoretical basis but also practical skills, including competencies required to work in IT environment with high-load engineering software, and to operate sophisticated equipment. At the same time, a modern blue collar enjoys demand almost equal to that for a manager or lawyer, and can compete with non-blue collar professions in terms of compensation package. 

The task to revive the blue collar intellectuals has been set by the RF President for the entire industrial sector. Respective sector leaders should provide their employees and the youth with platforms needed to develop the required competencies using innovative work methods and equipment. Engineering Holding PETON is a leader in engineering and construction of complex oil and gas projects across Russia and abroad. At the same time, PETON has its own school of engineers, R&D and know-how. In the future, PETON can be used as a base for creating an all-purpose educational platform for students and young specialists in oil and gas engineering.

The first stage will include a partnership project with Svartex Ufa School of Welders. “A number of collaborations will be implemented, including career guidance tests and master classes for Svartex students, tours of the PETON premises, qualification examinations for blue collar professions, and many others. Peton and Svartex see their main goal as practical training of students, lecturer internships at actual workplaces, and development of the labour market in the profession-specific area as a whole”, notes a company spokesperson.

Another project will be a joint initiative of PETON and Ufa Petroleum University. In February the first group of PETON employees will receive training in Ufa, at School of Masters, under the programme “Installation of Process Equipment at Oil and Gas Facilities” . “Integration of education, science, and sophisticated processes are the area that leading oil and gas companies should develop. It will increase competitive advantages of Russian companies in the global market, will help realize the scientific and technical potential of the youth and develop the engineering area as a whole”, comments Eduard Gasanov, Chairman Of the Board at PETON.

Yet another challenge for Peton Construction was to increase the prestige of blue collar jobs and implement advanced work methods. For this, the company established an employee competition, “Best in Job”. “Developing in-house professional competencies is an important part of staff management”, emphasizes Eduard Gasanov.

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