During a meeting held on 3 - 6 July 2017 with specialists of the Technical University of Munich SRDI O&G PETON representatives were invited to deliver lectures to students on chemical technology that is applied at the Fuel and Energy Industry objects.

Specialists of PETON Technology and Science Department - Svetlana K. Churakova, Eng.D., Deputy Director for Science and Naum A. Samoylov, Eng.D., Senior Research Scientist gave a series of lectures to  postgraduate and postdoctoral students of the Process Engineering Department at the Munich University. S.K. Churakova lectured on Development of Power-Saving Technologies based on Cross-Flow Packing Contact Devices. N.A. Samoylov in his presentation spoke of Adsorption Process Intensification in Petrochemical Industry.

“It is important for us to promote scientific ties with our colleagues, share best practices and build business partnership. We definitely have many things to demonstrate to our foreign partners as the achievements in Russian science", N.A.  Samoylov said.

Presently SRDI O&G PETON is carrying out a number of projects in cooperation with Linde GA, its German partner. 

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