As part of the Amur GPP construction project the extended meetings between the representatives of the Client – Gazprom PJSC and NIPIgazpererabotka OJSC and the representatives of the Contractor – PETON and LINDE, have been under way for 4 weeks.


During the meetings the current project status was discussed, the plot plan was approved and the project’s technological scheme was exercised.


At the same time the adaptation of the project to Russian standards is under way at the sessions of PETON and LINDE technical specialists. SRDI Oil & Gas "Peton", LLC specialists support LINDE in adaptation of the NTD and industrial safety documentation to Russian standards. Adaptation of the project and detail design documentation to Russian standards is carried out in order to provide the Client with documentation revised with consideration of the applicable Russian Federation laws, Russian technical regulations and GOST-s. ‘It is vital to adapt documents to Russian conditions thoroughly as without this work significant difficulties and risks may arise in further implementation of the project,’ said Deputy Chief of the Project Management Department D.R. Arslanov.


At the present time construction workers, electricians, instrumentation, water supply and sewer systems, and industrial safety specialists who have come to Germany from the PETON Ufa office are actively working with their colleagues from Germany, scrutinizing all details of the project.


‘Such teamwork experience and arrival of such a number of specialists – around 50 people – is practically unprecedented for project work in Russian engineering,’ said E.G. Dyachenko, Deputy General Director for Engineering Management and Control.


The meetings are held in LINDE HQ in Munich.


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