SRDI Oil & Gas "Peton", LLC employees held children’s theatricals of “The Science Theatre” at the city charity “Fair of Miracles” in the state circus.

The event “Fair of Miracles” was organized by the “No Losses” charity fund for critically ill children. All the money raised at the fair was used to help children with oncological diseases in the oncohematology department of the Stepan Kuvykin Russian Children's Clinical Hospital.

On December 27, 2015 the state circus hosted a scientific theatrical play "Buratino", organized by the employees of SRDI Oil & Gas "Peton", LLC. The little spectators were told about the basics of chemistry and afterwards theoretical knowledge was solidified by practical experiments.

“The Science Theatre” is a unique project which combined well-known tales with modern chemical and physical transformation experiments. The theatre aims to promote interest in natural science through fascinating performances.

“The Science Theatre” is an educatory process in a theatrical-play form in which children directly take part, learn the miracles of chemical transformations and get acquainted with arts. 

Direct participation of children in chemical experiments and colourful performances makes chemistry even more appealing to them. This facilitates all-round children’s development and enhances prestige of technical knowledge.

Radmila Surnacheva, President of the “No Losses” charity fund commented on the performance, ‘The children are engaged in a very practical activity! The spark in children’s eyes lit by the Science Theatre can rarely be seen, which makes it so precious. We plan on cooperation with PETON in the future and have already invited them to participate in the “Old New Year” matinée on January 15, 2016 in the oncohematology department of the Stepan Kuvykin Russian Children's Clinical Hospital.’

“The Science Theatre” project is organized by Ilya Igorevich Panov, the III-category applications engineer of the Technological Process Simulation branch for the SRDI Oil & Gas "Peton", LLC Technologies and Science Department. ‘The scientific-theatrical play “Buratino” had such a success that we had been asked to perform it three times in a row! I would like to thank my colleagues for support and the SRDI Oil & Gas "Peton", LLC management for financial support.’

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