On September 23rd, “PETON” held double public hearings on environment impact assessment preliminary materials for Amur GPP and on “Domestic and Industrial solid wastes landfill” project documentation. The objective of public hearings was the identification and consideration of participants’ points of view regarding the EIA preliminary materials in the scope of Amur GPP construction.

More than 80 people came to participate in the hearings including the region and local district management,  the representatives  of “Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveschensk”, “Sibur Holding”, “NIPIgazpererabotka, SRDI “O&G “Peton”, residents of local councils where AGPP construction is being planned for construction.

The information on current condition of the natural environmental components in the area of AGPP facilities under design development as well as the information on the facility objects environmental impact was presented, namely the following:

  • atmosphere;
  • physical factors;
  • water and geologic environment;
  • land resources and soil; 
  • flora and fauna;
  • environmental impact during wastes handling processes.

Action items directed at designed facilities negative environmental impact risks mitigation were also presented.

In the scope of hearings, the participants discussed the issues of technologies selection as well as the ecology safety rate of technical decisions taken related to:

  •  core operations;
  •  railways, railway stations Zavodskaya 1 and 2 (if necessary);
  •  discharge water purification (if necessary).

The participants mentioned that the products will be supplied to the Korean and the Far East markets and that Amur Gas Processing Plant will be the biggest one among the compatible plant facilities of Russia.

The same day second public hearing session was held in relation to AGPP project documentation for the Domestic and Industrial solid wastes landfill including the material evaluation impact on the environment.

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