The Committee meeting on organization and holding of the public hearings on Amur GPP EIA materials took place in Svobodniy town on the 19th of August. The representatives of Svobodnenskiy district Administration, OJSC “VNIPIgazdobicha” as well as local councils’ heads and the representatives of the technological engineering holding Peton participated in the meeting. I.B. Lyanger, HSE head, participated in the meeting on behalf of “SRDI O&G “Peton” and made a progress and EIA (Environment Impact Assessment)  materials preliminary readiness status report.

In the scope of the meeting, AGPP and Solid/food wastes landfill public hearings program as well as the required actions and works plan for public hearings were discussed.

The committee confirmed that works in compliance with the actions plan for informing and public participation in the EIA for “Amur GPP” facility had been delivered in full scope.

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