Лицензионные технологии

Technological Engineering Holding PETON holds the following licensed gas processing technologies:

  • Technology of absorption gas purification
  • Technology of deep gasoline extraction from gas
  • Technology of low temperature gas separation
  • Technology of gas glycol-dehydration
  • Technology of regeneration gas treatment from zeolite dust
  • Technology of LPG production from natural gas
  • Technology of ethane production from natural gas
  • Technology of gas condensate stabilization
  • Technology of NGL fractionation
  • Technology of naphtha refining of liquefied gases and NGL from acid components


Technological Engineering Holding PETON holds the following licensed oil processing technologies:

  • Technology of oil fractionation with reflux “cross-flows” between columns
  • Technology of advanced processing of refinery fuel gases in ethylene-gasoline direction
  • Technology of hydrogen recycle purification during hydrocracking 
  • Technology of hydrocracking products fractionation
  • Technology of deasphalted oil and solvent purification in the process of selective oil tar deasphaltizing
  • Fractionation technology for production of AI-95 gasoline as per EURO-5 standard
  • Technology of gas fractionation during catalytic cracking
  • Technology С56 isomerization with purification of hydrogen recycle
  • Technology of fractionation at C5-C6 isomerization




  • a series of designs of cross-flow packings, control valves and devices with a various arrangement of packings has been developed, all designs are copyrighted
  • more than 160 commercial introductions based on technical solutions of Peton contact devices have been made at facilities in the oil and gas refining, the petrochemical and nitrogen and nitrogen compound making industry
  • research activities and full-scale experiments on cross-flow in the Peton packing have been made
  • more than 50 scientific solutions for separating mixtures for different processes have been developed, the solutions are protected by the Russian patents
  • an industrial testing laboratory for practical testing of contact devices for columns up to 2,000 mm in diameter is in operation
  • Peton technical solutions have been developed and implemented for superfractionating within the nano-technological processes for commercial production of solar-grade silicon for the first time in Russia
  • a theoretical framework and a simulation process for catalytic distillation have been developed
  • a successful adaptation of foreign technology for the design solutions and operation thereof in compliance with the technological guarantees of the licensing processes

Over the past 5 years at the oil refining facilities of Rosneft, Gazpromneft, Bashneft, PETON Holding

  • has designed several large gas processing facilities for refineries
  • supplied basic equipment: separators, furnaces, columns, reactors, trays, and packings to these facilities



1. A plant of gas fractionation and purification of collected refinery gases with a capacity of 9 M tons/year for the refinery of Bashneft

2. A powerful delayed coker has been retrofitted. In 2013, this unit was recognized as the best coker in Russia

3. A plant of gas fractionation and purification of various gases, including hydrogen purification, in the amount of up to 450,000 nm3/h at a pressure of 16 MPa, with a capacity of 7 M tons/year for the refinery of Bashneft, based on a new gas oil hydrocracking unit with a capacity of 2 M tons/year

4. Bashneft and Gazpromneft adopted license refinery gas processing technologies for implementation:

  • A refinery gas processing technology in the gas chemical and gasoline area for refineries with a capacity of 20 M tons/year
  • The PETON technology for producing elemental sulfur with tail gas treatment of 99.99%




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  • Модернизация действующих производств
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