RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC team took part in the meeting held in Germany on issues of “Reconstruction of Booster Compressor Station (BCS)” and “Construction of Deethanization Gas Treatment Unit (DGTU)” of Urengoy Condensate Transportation Preparation Plant projects execution.

The meeting was held in Germany, Pullach, on 8-9 July, and was dedicated to issues of BCS and DGTU of Urengoy CTPP projects execution. Specialists of RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC and Linde participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, Igor Mnushkin, RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC Director General – R&D Director, provided general information on the project, explained principles of the technology being used, and justified the application of the equipment selected.

The participants approved technical aspects of the key equipment, being currently under development, which will be supplied for construction of the facility, as well as other technical, legal and logistic issues.

Colleagues from Linde carried out an initial safety analysis of the process and equipment applied.

Following the results of the meeting, the parties agreed that next meeting, set to be held soon, will be focused on the discussion of issues of equipment package supply and the draft version of Engineering Services Agreement between Peton and Linde.  

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