On 17-19 June in Munich, Germany, the working meeting was held between “Peton” and Linde, with Igor Mnushkin, RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC Director General – R&D Director,  and Liana Minibaeva, Director General Assistant, participating.

The meeting consisted of two parts: the technical meeting on patent clearance approval and the technical meeting regarding Peton packing test with the aim to study possibility of its application in Amur GPP columns and at other facilities.

In the meeting, several issues were discussed: necessity of patent protection of Linde process solutions on the territory of Russian Federation; R&D project, presented by Linde, which foresees testing of Peton internal contact devices on Linde and “Peton” test rigs, for their further application in Amur GPP columns.

In the course of meeting ”Peton” representatives became acquainted with equipment manufacturing process at Linde plants.

Following the results of the bilateral meeting of “Peton” and Linde representatives, it was decided to carry out a test of Peton packing, developed on the basis of Linde drawings; delivery time of test equipment was approved as well.  

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