Meeting of “Peton” and Spain Company “SGLOBALS industry Solutions” representatives was held on May 27.

“SGLOBALS industry Solutions” specializes in manufacturing of metal structures, reservoirs and heat exchangers, and is currently planning to expand and enter into the Russian market.

 “Peton” representatives - V.S. Scherbel, Head of Procurement Department, Yu.M. Palekha, Manager of Production Sector and Technical Supervision over Design Solutions, P.B. Kalashnikov, Manager of Procurement and Projects Evaluation Sector - and “SGLOBALS industry Solutions” representative – Roberto Rua, International Development Director – were present in the meeting. B. OrdisVillar, representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the province of Asturias (north Spain), participated in the meeting as well.

“We are constantly enlarging a list of potential partners that we are interested in from the perspective of adaptation and implementation of their technologies at oil and gas facilities within the Import Substitution and Production Localization Program, which our company actively participates in”, - Vladimir S. Scherbel said.

The companies agreed on continuation of negotiations after exchanging more detailed information. 

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