On April 28, there was an extended meeting held concerning execution project of separate gas processing of Karachaganak OGCF (KOGCF) and Orenburg OGCF (OOGCF) at Orenburg GPP and GP.

Representatives of “Gazprom” JSC, Technological Engineering Holding “Peton” (“RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC), “Gazprom dobycha Orenburg” LLC, "KazRosGas" LLP, “Service center “KazTurboRemont”,  “Morgen Lewis International LLC” RF, “Ernst and Young (CIS) B.V.” took part in the technical meeting.

In the meeting, the participants discussed working drafts of the technical part and the status of the legal and economic part of the study “Technical and economic assessment of possibility of separate KOGCF and OGCF feedstock processing at Orenburg GPP”. “RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” presented a report on the chapter “Development of the alternative variant” and also gave a report on the current status of development of the legal and economic part. The second part of the meeting was devoted to discussion and agreement of the decisions taken on comments and suggestions from the side of Client. At the end of the meeting, the participants signed Minutes of technical meeting.

“Orenburg GPP Project is highly important to our company due to a number of reasons, particularly because this plant is the largest gas chemical facility in the world”, - Igor Mnushkin, Director of Research, “RDI Oil&Gas “Peton” LLC, marked.

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