In accordance with the Regulations on assessment of planned business operations and other activities environment impact in the Russian Federation (approved by the No. 372 order of the State Committee on Ecology, dated 16.05.2000), OAO VNIPIgazdobycha together with the Svobodnenskyi district Administration informs on: beginning of the Amur Gas Processing Plant facility (hereinafter AGPP) environment impact assessment (hereinafter EIAP), holding public discussions (in form of inquiry) of the design specifications of EIAP as part of the AGPP Project documentation.

The site is located in the Svobodnenskyi district of the Amur Region, at the distance of 15 km to the north from the administrative center Svobodnyi town.

Environmental support is given by the OOO Research Design Institute of Oil and Gas Peton (hereinafter RDI OG Peton) (Ufa, 450071, Prospekt S.Yulaeva,

bld. 1, 60, tel./fax: +7 (347) 246-87-09).

The design specification of EIA is available on weekdays (09.30-16.30) in the Svobodnensky district administration building: Svobodnyi town, 14, 50 lyet Oktyabrya st., office 213; Nizhnebuzulinskyi rural council administration building: Svobodnensky distr., Nizhniye Buzuli settl., 32а, Lenina st.; Dmitrievskyi rural council:  Svobodnenskyi distr., Dmitrievka settl., 31/1, Trudovaya st.; Zheltoyarovskyi rural council: Zheltoyarovo settl., 6/1, Molodyozhnaya st.; Moskvitinskyi rural council: Moskvitino settl., 1, Lazo st., ap.1; Novoivanovskyi rural council: Novoivanovka settlement, 27, Tsentralnaya; as well as at the websites of the Svobodnenskyi district, OAO VNIPIgaspererabotka, ООО RDI OG Peton

Public questions, comments and suggestions are received by the Svobodnenskyi district administration, the above-mentioned rural councils via email: from April 30 to May 30, 2015, and by telephones: Svobodnyi town +7 (41643) 3-05-35, Moscow +7 (495) 980-27-18.Dates and place of availability of the preliminary EIAP materials as part of the AGPP Project documentation: to be informed.  

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