The business meeting on the Amur GPP Construction Project took place on April, 28.

The parties were representatives of PJSC SIBUR Holding, technological engineering PETON Holding (OOO RDI OG Peton), OAO NIPIgaspererabotka (NIPIGAS), LINDE (Linde AG).

During the meeting, the following issues were discussed: the project schedule, specifications of the cryogenic separation unit, process equipment and vendors list, guarantee index for volume and quality characteristics of products and crude/resources used in helium production and cryogenic separation unit, the project parties’ interaction conditions.

As stated by Eduard Gasanov, the Director General of OOO RDI OG Peton, ‘The Amur GPP is one of the most important projects for the Russian oil and gas industry. Peton participates in the Project execution in cooperation with the leading industrial LINDE Group – our experience allows us to adapt the LINDE technologies according to the import substitution program’.

Peton takes part in the Amur GPP Project execution as the designer of process units for cryogenic treatment of gas and liquefaction of helium, as well as main off-site facilities and P&IDs. 

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