On April 21, there was a meeting on the environmental impact assessment of “Amur Gas Processing Plant” facility.

Representatives of “RDI Oil & Gas “Peton” LLC, JSC «VNIPIgasdobycha”, JSC “NIPIgaspererabotka”, Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance of Amur region, administrative authorities of Svobodnenskyi, Nizhebuzulinskyi, Zheltoyarovskyi and Novoivanovskyi territorial entities participated in the meeting. Technological Engineering Holding “Peton” was represented by I.B. Lyanger, Director for General Issues, Head of Environment and Ecological Safety.

In the meeting, there were some reports given on project execution progress and development of list of measures for environmental protection (hereinafter – EIAP) and results of EIAP implementation. The participants discussed EIAP general procedure, plan of key measures for public information and its participation in EIAP process, procedure, location and time of comments reception from the public. Information on EIAP public hearings will be given in official publications, e.g. “Rossiiskaya gazeta”, “Amurskaya pravda”, “Zeiskie ogni”.

“Peton” is taking part in execution of Amur GPP Project in terms of design of process units for preparation of gas cryogenic processing and helium liquefaction.

Please refer to “News” (russian web-site) to get information on the key measures for public information and its participation in EIAP process and Technical assignment for environmental impact assessment procedure (EIAP).

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