Representatives of  Peton Holding presented  ‘’Feasibility study of high-molecular feed  resources development capabilities at gas condensate fields and oil and gas condensate fields’’ as  project execution intermediate results in ‘’Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg’’ .

At the Сouncil for Science and Engineering Peton was represented by R&D Deputy Director R V.A. Kovanov, Chief Project Engineer A.G. Shuer, and Project Manager V.V. Dureev.

The presentation was attended by ‘’Gazprom’’ experts at the ‘’Feedstock development, field development and construction. Well drilling and construction’’ subpanel of the Council for Science and Engineering

As the result of the first phase of the project execution, the experts of  Peton Holding developed a glossary of terms and definitions related to the High-Molecular Feed Project – it was the first time when a glossary including terms relevant to stages of a petrophysical, geochemical, physical-chemical study of a field rocks and fluids samples study was created.

The results of this activity will be used in further planning of geologic exploration for the High-molecular Feed Project and making a forecast for production of hydrocarbon crude at the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field.

As Viktor Kovanov,  R&D Deputy Director  in OOO NIPI NG Peton, stated, ‘’Successful completion of the task assigned provides an opportunity not only to support, but also to develop the Orenburg Gas Chemical Complex. It is directly related to  production and deep processing of unique hard-to-recover oil reserves. The final goal of the High-molecular Feed Project is increased economic efficiency of the  Orenburg Gas Chemical Complex in the closing phases of gas and condensate production at the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field.  

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