The meeting between “Peton” representatives and Italian company Giacomazzo Agostino was held on March 18 in Moscow office of “Peton Invest Technology”.

At the meeting “Peton” was represented by the Head of Project Evaluation  division P. B. Kalashnikov and the Head of Procurement department V.A. Shcherbel; the Italian party was represented by the Director General Fabio Giacomazzo. He held a presentation on technical capacity of his company which has been specializing in engineering and construction of industrial facilities for air purification (smoke disinfection, dust and odor removal) and water treatment (waste water treatment, demineralization, flow out) since 1964.

In the course of the meeting, the parties discussed collaboration prospects taking into consideration import substitution and localization of production.

“Currently, we are rapidly developing partnership relations with the leading industrial groups of Europe and Asia, adapting experience and technology of the equipment manufacturers in accordance with  the import substitution program”, - commented Petr Kalashnikov. The meeting was held in association with Promos – a special International Activity Development Agency of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Milan city.

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