As part of the Holding Development Strategy, we have developed a system and are implementing programs for in- house and partner training for employees. We believe that an investment in employee development is an investment in business development, key to success and an essential area of activity of any socially responsible company of the 21st century.

Corporate training at PETON is an important part of our Corporate Social Strategy.

We are developing several areas within the PETON Corporate Training Program. 


1. In-House Employee Training

  • Lectures and master classes: Holding training system aimed at passing knowledge and experience from more experienced and qualified PETON specialists to new employees of the company. Training includes master classes, lectures, discussions, presentations, round tables, business games, in areas such as research, technology, project management, management skills. More than 40% of the Holding employees hold two or more degrees obtained in leading domestic and western educational institutions.

   Our company employs some of the best specialists in the field.

  • Mentoring system: part of a new employee adaptation program and the most accessible and traditional way to pass on knowledge and improve employee competencies while working.


 2. External Employee Training

  • Staff training (refresher courses, correspondence and distance learning at specialized higher education institutions)
  • Internships at industrial enterprises of Russia and CIS countries
  • Internships at engineering and administrative centers of our foreign partners, such as LINDE, Schneider Electric.


3. Training of Specialists and Operators of Industrial Enterprises as part of the construction projects and factory upgrades carried out by PETON

PETON is an ЕРСМ-contractor that delivers the projects from the investment plan development stage to the liquidation engineering. Training future specialists and operators of the plants designed and constructed by us is an important area of ​​our activities.

One of the most important projects in this field is starting a Training Center in Ufa aimed at training highly qualified personnel to manage the Amur Gas Processing Plant and Helium Complex. The training center is equipped in cooperation with Schneider Electric / Invensys under PETON / LINDE operational licensed model. The training center will help to prepare the required number of personnel by the time the first phase of the Amur GPP is launched and to conduct further regular employee training and retraining. 


4. Internship for Students

We invite undergraduates and graduates of relevant higher education institutions to do an internship at our research & development, design and management centers.


The objective of training programs is to improve employee competencies, build a talent pool, enhance company competitiveness, create and promote our corporate values.

We strive to become the best company for the best employees in the sector.



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