In the cross-flow PETON packing, we have managed to eliminate disadvantages of trays, regular and dump packing of counterflow type, caused by existence of one "degree of freedom" in designing of the column related to its diameter only.

As a result of the designed column new model:

  • Range limits of column steady operation are extended due to absence of liquid boosting by steam flow
  • COE at large liquid loads is increased
  • The problem of column operation with “high-foaming” liquids is solved
  • Efficiency of steam and liquid contact is increased due to absence of liquid drop entrainment
  • “Wall” effect of fluid flow and “channel” movement of flows are excluded
  • Separation efficiency of mixtures with extremely low surface tension is increased
  • Reliability of packing operation in contaminated environment is increased

The second “degree of freedom” appears in the design of the column in case of cross-flow contact organization of gas and liquid in the packing - due to the change of layer height in the packing package. This property is characteristic only of the type of contact devices called cross-flow packing “PETON”. The principle consists in independent cross-section control for gas passage in the packing from cross-section for liquid passage in it. This property enables an efficient contact at unequal gas and liquid flow rates in the column, since the possibility of three-dimensional change of packing set dimensions. 

Main characteristics of “Peton” packing in comparison with trays:

  • column flooding occurs on average at 1.5 - 2.5 times bigger loads both for gas and liquid
  • the lower limit of working range of packing for gas starts with "zero", i.e. it is absent; for trays it is not less than 40% of nominal value
  • differential pressure in the packing is two times lower at equal loads


Peton trays with drip pocket

Structure of Peton trays is based on a combination of standard trays and a special drip pocket optimally arranged above or below the surface of the tray. Application of drip pocket enables to increase valve tray efficiency by 10-15% and its productivity by 20%.






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