We have developed several designs of the cross-flow regular packing “Peton” and distributors “Peton”. Volume elements with penetration ability for gas and liquid phase in cross directions are used as a basis for the packing design.  

Such elements are corrugated expanded steel sheet, webbed or knitted mesh etc.

Cross-flow regular packing PetonCross-flow regular packing “Peton” from expanded sheet of different sizes and types. 







Counterflow regular packing “Counter Flow Paсk” TM

CFP packing– from corrugated sheets:                                



Surface area  m²/ m³  

Metal thickness, mm 

175А 45° 175 0,2
175В 60° 175 0,2
250А 45° 250 0,2
250В 60° 250 0,2
350А 45° 350 0,17
350В 60° 350 0,17
500А 45° 500 0,1
500В 60° 500 0,1
750А 45° 750 0,1
750В 60° 750 0,1

and CFP packing – F from meshy sheet.

Dump packing No. 40 and 50



Combination of elements, form and size of corrugated material regulates the process of phase interaction in a packing volume to accomplish a task of the separation process. The principle of formation of developed drop-membrane or fine-fluidic low-pressure fluid discharge directly at the inlet of packing lies at the base of the liquid distributor “Peton”.

The basic principle of packing design in each section of the column is a strong connection of a packing with a liquid distributor. This connection is provided by volume forming on a modular principle.

Summary of “Peton” packing characteristics

It is known that cross current takes an intermediate value on effectiveness between forward flow and counterflow of phases under the condition of equal loads. But column effectiveness with a cross-flow regular packing under the condition of unequal loads could be higher.  

Bench tests of the “Peton” packing confirmed by industrial tests of columns in various processes with unequal steam and liquid loads have shown that:

  • Column flooding occurs on average at loads 2.5 times higher than at counterflow of phases in regular packings
  • Efficiency of one column section with “Peton” packing is from 60 to 150% at a height of sections commensurate to inter-tray distance of trays in the column
  • Height equivalent to a theoretical plate (HETP) of the column with “Peton” packing is from 0.4 to 1.0 meters
  • Special sectioning and redistribution of liquid and steam streams increases efficiency in 1.5 times on average
  • Differential pressure at the “Peton” packing is adjusted in a wide range. Differential pressure range of one stage is from 0.015 to 1.5 and more kPa, depending on load values in terms of steam or liquid


Developed regular packing “Peton” in contrast to the known types of contact devices:

  • Counterflow packing
  • Direct-flow devices
  • Cross-flow plate
  • Allows combining advantages of these devices and substantially eliminating their disadvantages

Cross-flow regular packing “Peton” has the ability to adjust independently the cross-section for the passage of steam in the packing from the cross-section for the passage of fluid at designing of column. This ability of cross flow in the packing allows solving the problem of effective contact organization by unequal steam and liquid streams in column. 

Figures 1, 2 and 3 show examples of changes of the same package volume in cross flow according to the ratio of steam (G) and liquid (L) loads. The three-dimensional change of volume packing dimensions in column including loads allows producing of optimal gas velocity in the packing and optimal irrigation destiny for various relational range of steam and liquid.

Location of packing at an average liquid load and high gas load.

Fragment. 1 Location of packing at an average liquid load and high gas load.

Location of packing at a low liquid load and high gas load.

Fragment 2. Location of packing at a low liquid load and high gas load.

Location of packing at a low liquid load and low gas load.

Fragment 3. Location of packing at a low liquid load and low gas load.

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